The B-School in which I will finally pursue my MBA

ImageAs I mentioned in my previous post, after being waitlisted by LBS I decided to apply to other business schools’ MBA programs. Specifically, I decided to apply to INSEAD, HEC and IE.

By the end of May, I had gone through the whole essay writing, application submitting and interviewing process in all three B-School. Despite of the high workload that I am facing in my job right now, I felt that my interviews this time were far better than the one for LBS.

Being this so, I was informed, about a month ago, of my acceptance in HEC’s and IE’s MBA programs. And today, I received the e-mail with the final resolution for my INSEAD application confirming my acceptance. I couldn’t be happier when I read the following words:

“On behalf of the Admissions Committee, it is my great pleasure to offer you a place in the INSEAD MBA Class of December 2013, starting in Fontainebleau on 7 January 2013…”

INSEAD was my first choice, so I’ll be spending my next year between Fontainebleau and Singapore!

In following posts I will expand this information with my plans for preparing for the program, financing it… But today I just wanted to share this phenomenal news that I received.

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UPDATE: Application processes


I haven’t written in a while. I was into all the interview process and started having a lot of visits to my blog from UK. Hence, I decided not to keep writing until a decision was taken in de different application processes that I was in. And now it is time for an update!

By the end of February I had two significant events. First, I was interviewed by a LBS alumni and, at the same time, I received the acceptance notification from ESADE. The problems was that, despite of liking both schools, I was asked to accept the admission offer from ESADE prior to the LBS’s final decision was released. I asked for an extension of this confirmation deadline but the new one that was given to me was not enought. Thus, I decided to take to take the plunge and decline ESADE’s offer and wait for LBS’s decisión. In the meantime, I decided to go to Paris in order to visit HEC Paris another school that I was planning to apply if LBS’s attempt was not successful.

When LBS’s decision was released… I was hit by reality, since I was waitlisted. But after a very sad afternoon that day, I decided to keep on working and, in the following weeks, I finished my applications for INSEAD, HEC Paris and IE. As well as this, I updated my application information for LBS and started looking if I could visit the school in the following weeks. Unfortunately, I was not free for this month’s open day since I had several professional appointments that I could not reschedule.

So, despite of not coming out as expected, I still have chances for LBS and waiting to see if I get to be interviewed for the rest of the schools… Hoping for the best!

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ESADE interview

This friday I traveled to Barcelona for my interview for the ESADE MBA programme.

I arrived slightly earlier (15 minutes) to the building in order to get a glimpse of what studying there is like and in order to relax prior the interview that I was about to have. The school’s building is astonishing, with an spectacular entrance that leads to the hall.

In contrast to what I assumed, the interview was conducted by the associate director of admissions in a friendly way, albeit the complexity of some of the questions asked. First, I was asked to prepare a brief presentation on the emerging market companies and their main challenges when it comes to competing globally. I am not very used to this quick prepared presentations but, thanks to what I had practiced on the previous days, I believe that I didn’t do it so wrong.

After the presentation, the a regular interview began. At this point, the feeling that I got was that, instead of trying to challenge me, the aim of my interviewer was focused on expanding his view of me as an applicant.

The overall experience was great since, despite of how nervous I was initially, I felt that I had the opportunity to elaborate on some of the points of my application that were important to me. As well as this, once the interview came to an end, I had the chance to visit the school to get a feeling of how studying there is and what the atmosphere is.

Next, I have to prepare for my LBS interview. I really feel that this will be a tough one!


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Required Budget for an MBA

During this morning I’ve been working on the IE essays. But with the excitement of this week’s interview invitations I have started thinking on how to finance my MBA and on what the expected budget should be for each school. In order to ease things, I have done a  comparison chart in order to get a glimpse of the different tuition costs of each b-school and of what the expected budget should be. Next you can find it:

In summary, the overall budget for the full MBA program should round to 100 000 euros. Let’s hope I can finance part of the fees with an scholarship!

Well, after this moment of rush of blood to the head, Its about time I was going back to my IE essays…

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Just receiver an interview invitation for ESADE and LBS!

Got it!

This week I receiver an interview invitation for ESADE and for London Business School. I am terribly excited about this, albeit I feel that I have a ton of work to do in order to prepare those meetings.

This friday I am flying to Barcelona in order to meet the admission officer of ESADE, and I could not be more nervous. I am not used to solving business cases, hence I will have to keep studying hard in order to overcome this challenge. Let’s hope for the best in this new stage of the application process.

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ESADE application submitted

Today I have submitted my application for ESADE Business school. Despite of being a simpler process than that of LBS, the essay topics were pretty hard.

Once again, fingers crossed and waiting for the answer!

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LBS application submitted

I have already submitted my application for London Business School. I feel that the overall

application preparation experience is not as bad as people told me. I believe that the different topics for the essays are a great opportunity to put your professional life in perspective and summarize the goals achieved.

Now I have to wait to see if I am called for an interview (Crossed fingers!). In the meantime, I have to keep working in the applications for other schools.

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